The Early Days

BLASFEMIA (2003-2005)

I started playing bass when I finished school, and joined a hardcore punk band called Blasfemia in 2003. Sound was really dirty, and songs were raw and powerful, We used to play in all types of squat parties and underground venues.

We recorded a self titled demo in 2004. The producer was Tato, bass player of the legendary B.A hardcore band called Minoria Activa.

In 2005 I was invited to join another project, and it was my last year with the band. We are still good friends, and they are now one of the oldest bands in Buenos Aires Hardcore Scene.





I used to be a fan of this hard rock band and go to their shows every time they played. It was a huge honor for me when they invited me to replace their bass player by the end of 2005.

We had only a couple of practices together when we entered the studio to record ¨Perro Muerte¨, a live demo recorded and produced by  Fernando Palestro in 2006.

We played a lot of shows in Buenos Aires, and decided to make an international tour for the first time. We arrived to San Francisco in december 2007. We played once, and the band splited.

Pablo and I decided to stay in San Francisco, and we recorded the first demos of Conspiracy Against Truth.

We stayed there for 6 months. It was the most significant experience in my life. We lived in a squat house, surviving the hardest times. We learned to enjoy the simple things of life, even though we were as poor as we could be. We became stronger, and more ambicious in terms of living for our music, and never selling out.



Three Fingered Jack at the knockout, San Francisco







Becoming a Dj … Becoming AddMe

Last year, I asked Maximiliano Elizalde to teach me how to mix. I needed to start making music on my own, cause CAT had to take a break . I met this twenty year old guy in a club, dancing like maniacs, sharing passion for Martin Garcia, one legend in Argentina´s clubbing scene.

We started spending a lot of time together, and decided to do some tracks. Still not released, the first song we´ve ever done was fully supported by Deepfunk, one of the greatest artist  I have met, one of the greatest friends I have now. That was only the beginning.

The bond became so strong, that we decided to move to Europe and work together.

While looking for a name, A.D & M.E popped up (using our Initials was my first choice), and when I wrote it down, I realised that changing the & symbol for letter d, would become AddMe, a pretty catchy name in the social network era…

ADDME is huge love for music and friendship, Agustin Delbosco & Maxi Elizalde

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About: CAT – Conspiracy Against Truth and I Love CAT Music

Conspiracy Against Truth or CAT started in 2009 and evolved into an audiovisual collective comprising a live band, DJs, and visual artists.

The live band has played in many different places in Argentina, including the most well known night clubs and venues in Buenos Aires such as Niceto Club and The Roxy Buenos Aires and has recently completed its first European tour.

Activities comprised within are music production and recording, visual art for live shows as well as Remixing other artists and DJing.

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Recording: Conspiracy Against Truth – Self Titled (2010) 

Live Performance: Conspiracy Against Truth – Garage Sessions (2012) 

Apart from being the co-founder, my roles are those of:

  • Manager & Press Agent
  • Event planning
  • Co-producer / composer
  • Live bass, vocals, synthesizers and controllers


Photo credits:



Live @ The Roxy Arcos BA


Live @ The Roxy Arcos BA



Live @ The Roxy Arcos BA


Live @ All Nylon BA


Live @ All Nylon BA


Live @ Niceto Club BA


Live @ Quilmes Beer Festival. Opening for Argentinean band Babasonicos.


Live @ The Roxy BA

I Love CAT Music

When CAT started merging to Electro music, we couldn´t find a place shared by rockers and clubbers. We decided to create a new concept for Buenos Aires nightlife called¨I Love CAT Music party¨. An event where people could taste the perfect mix of Rock and Electronic scenes, In 2012 I was in charge of making this idea come true, organising a monthly residency in Niceto Club, Buenos Aires (link),

During this beautiful experience we shared stage with Thomas Symmons, Dual Core DJs, Kevin Toro & Guido Lopardo, Flashbax, Rockanrola, Kevin Di Serna and Fernando Ferreyra.

Photo credits:


Tickets @ I Love CAT Music (Vol 3)


Conspiracy Against Truth @ I Love CAT Music


Flyer Announcing Fernando Ferreyra (Main) and Thomas Symmons (Warm Up)


I Love CAT Music Vol 1 @ Niceto Club BA


Conspiracy Against Truth @ I Love CAT Music BA


I Love CAT Music Vol 1 @ Niceto Club BA


I Love CAT Music Vol 1 @ Niceto Club BA


Flashbax @ I Love CAT Music



Live Performance: Conspiracy Against Truth – Garage Sessions (2012)

Place of Development: El Garage Studios – Buenos Aires
Date: 2012
Duration: 2 Days
Record Label: Eternal Sunday
Record Publishing: Universal Music/Eternal Sunday

Description: Live one shot take, no edits, recorded in 8 channels.


Genre: Electro Rock
Composer: Pablo Manuel Delgado
Producer: Pablo Manuel Delgado
Recording Engineers: Fernando Palestro
Mixing Engineers: Fernando Palestro
Mastering Engineers:  Fernando Palestro
Camera/Direction: Gabriel Máscolo
Video Production: Pablo Manuel Delgado


  •    Pablo Manuel Delgado: Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers, Programming
  •    Agustin Delbosco: Bass
  •    Mariano Parisi: Drums and percussion.
  •    Matías J. Padilla:  Live Sample Triggering/Native Instruments Maschine

Note: The following video is an extract of the full set, which can be found here.


Recording: Conspiracy Against Truth (2010)

Place of Development: CAT Recording Studios/El Garage Studios – Buenos Aires
Date: 2011
Duration:8 Months
Record Label: Eternal Sunday
Record Publishing: Universal Music/Eternal Sunday

Description: 10 Tracks.


Genre: Rock/Electro Rock
Composer: Pablo Manuel Delgado.
Producer: Pablo Manuel Delgado (Pablo Manuel Delgado & Fernando Palestro -EMI Music- on track Senior High) – Agustin Delbosco
Recording Engineers: TECSON School of Music, Pablo M. Delgado, Fernando Palestro, Alejandro Azarbagoitya.
Mixing Engineers: Fernando Palestro, Pablo Delgado.
Mastering Engineers:  Fernando Palestro, Pablo Delgado.


Pablo Manuel Delgado: Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers, Programming
Agustin Delbosco: Bass
Esteban Donati: Drums and percussion.

Sample Showcase:


Conspiracy Against Truth: Euro Tour 2013

Conspiracy Against Truth embarked on its first European tour between the months of September and October of 2013. The tour consisted of more than 15 dates across Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The tour was sponsored by the Argentinean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship  as a cultural expansion initiative.


Live in Caen, FR

Live in Freiburg, Germany

Live in Amsterdam, NL

Cultural Expansion Initiative