About: CAT – Conspiracy Against Truth and I Love CAT Music

Conspiracy Against Truth or CAT started in 2009 and evolved into an audiovisual collective comprising a live band, DJs, and visual artists.

The live band has played in many different places in Argentina, including the most well known night clubs and venues in Buenos Aires such as Niceto Club and The Roxy Buenos Aires and has recently completed its first European tour.

Activities comprised within are music production and recording, visual art for live shows as well as Remixing other artists and DJing.

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Recording: Conspiracy Against Truth – Self Titled (2010) 

Live Performance: Conspiracy Against Truth – Garage Sessions (2012) 

Apart from being the co-founder, my roles are those of:

  • Manager & Press Agent
  • Event planning
  • Co-producer / composer
  • Live bass, vocals, synthesizers and controllers


Photo credits:






Live @ The Roxy Arcos BA


Live @ The Roxy Arcos BA



Live @ The Roxy Arcos BA


Live @ All Nylon BA


Live @ All Nylon BA


Live @ Niceto Club BA


Live @ Quilmes Beer Festival. Opening for Argentinean band Babasonicos.


Live @ The Roxy BA

I Love CAT Music

When CAT started merging to Electro music, we couldn´t find a place shared by rockers and clubbers. We decided to create a new concept for Buenos Aires nightlife called¨I Love CAT Music party¨. An event where people could taste the perfect mix of Rock and Electronic scenes, In 2012 I was in charge of making this idea come true, organising a monthly residency in Niceto Club, Buenos Aires (link),

During this beautiful experience we shared stage with Thomas Symmons, Dual Core DJs, Kevin Toro & Guido Lopardo, Flashbax, Rockanrola, Kevin Di Serna and Fernando Ferreyra.

Photo credits:





Tickets @ I Love CAT Music (Vol 3)


Conspiracy Against Truth @ I Love CAT Music


Flyer Announcing Fernando Ferreyra (Main) and Thomas Symmons (Warm Up)


I Love CAT Music Vol 1 @ Niceto Club BA


Conspiracy Against Truth @ I Love CAT Music BA


I Love CAT Music Vol 1 @ Niceto Club BA


I Love CAT Music Vol 1 @ Niceto Club BA


Flashbax @ I Love CAT Music




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