Becoming a Dj … Becoming AddMe

Last year, I asked Maximiliano Elizalde to teach me how to mix. I needed to start making music on my own, cause CAT had to take a break . I met this twenty year old guy in a club, dancing like maniacs, sharing passion for Martin Garcia, one legend in Argentina´s clubbing scene.

We started spending a lot of time together, and decided to do some tracks. Still not released, the first song we´ve ever done was fully supported by Deepfunk, one of the greatest artist  I have met, one of the greatest friends I have now. That was only the beginning.

The bond became so strong, that we decided to move to Europe and work together.

While looking for a name, A.D & M.E popped up (using our Initials was my first choice), and when I wrote it down, I realised that changing the & symbol for letter d, would become AddMe, a pretty catchy name in the social network era…

ADDME is huge love for music and friendship, Agustin Delbosco & Maxi Elizalde

Fore more info please check; Image



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