The Early Days

BLASFEMIA (2003-2005)

I started playing bass when I finished school, and joined a hardcore punk band called Blasfemia in 2003. Sound was really dirty, and songs were raw and powerful, We used to play in all types of squat parties and underground venues.

We recorded a self titled demo in 2004. The producer was Tato, bass player of the legendary B.A hardcore band called Minoria Activa.

In 2005 I was invited to join another project, and it was my last year with the band. We are still good friends, and they are now one of the oldest bands in Buenos Aires Hardcore Scene.





I used to be a fan of this hard rock band and go to their shows every time they played. It was a huge honor for me when they invited me to replace their bass player by the end of 2005.

We had only a couple of practices together when we entered the studio to record ¨Perro Muerte¨, a live demo recorded and produced by  Fernando Palestro in 2006.

We played a lot of shows in Buenos Aires, and decided to make an international tour for the first time. We arrived to San Francisco in december 2007. We played once, and the band splited.

Pablo and I decided to stay in San Francisco, and we recorded the first demos of Conspiracy Against Truth.

We stayed there for 6 months. It was the most significant experience in my life. We lived in a squat house, surviving the hardest times. We learned to enjoy the simple things of life, even though we were as poor as we could be. We became stronger, and more ambicious in terms of living for our music, and never selling out.



Three Fingered Jack at the knockout, San Francisco







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